"But Master Altis doesn't subscribe to those views about family. Does that place him on the dark side? What about the Jedi who founded our Order? They didn't ban attachment. Does that mean everything we are today is built on a foundation of darkness? Why did we decide it was suddenly a bad thing? And are there other Force-users on the light side? I've never met any. Surely they exist?"
―Bagar Nei-Leit inquires into the Order's policies on attachment during a philosophy class during the Clone Wars.[src]

Bagar Nei-Leit was a male Padawan serving the Jedi Order during the final days of the Galactic Republic.


A Force-sensitive male, Bagar Nei-Leit was trained in the ways of the Force by the Jedi Order, attaining the rank of Padawan by the time of the Clone Wars. During a class dedicated to the philosophy behind the Jedi Code at the Coruscant Jedi Temple Nei-Leit inquired about the nature of the Order's ban of attachment. During the discussion, Nei-Leit asked if Jedi Master Djinn Altis's views made him a darksider.[1]

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