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The Bahk-tov Council was the ruling body of the planet Bardotta.[2] Its system of government was a theocratic monarchy under the Dagoyan Order, a Force-sensitive order.[1]


The policy making arm of the theocratic monarchy, the Council was comprised of twelve members that presided over the government of the planet of Bardotta. Led by the High Seneschal, the Council was responsible for electing the Monarch of Bardotta, the official head of state of the planet. Membership of the Council was open to both Dagoyan Masters and lay officials within government; though there were no rules preventing members of either group from holding a majority or all of the seats.


During the Clone Wars, Queen Julia requested the aid of the Galactic Republic, in the form of Junior Representative Jar Jar Binks and Jedi Master Mace Windu after the planet was threatened by an ancient prophecy. Several of the Dagoyan Masters that made up the Council had disappeared, abducted by the Frangawl Cult. After Windu conducted his investigation, it was revealed that the High Seneschel, Peteen, was behind the attacks and his position within the cult was revealed. Despite the deaths of several of the Council members, Queen Julia was rescued and resumed control over the Bardottan government.[1]



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