Bailed Out is a story from Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures Volume 5. It was written by Justin Lambros, illustrated by the Fillbach Brothers, and colored by David Nestelle.

Plot summary[]

On the Tantive IV, Bail Organa holds a conference with Raymus Antilles and Sheltay Retrac. Antilles voices his concern about the lack of Jedi accompanying them, and Organa dismisses his captain's worries with a wave of his hand.

The trio soon lands on Metalorn to meet with the Techno Union Foreman, Wat Tambor. Clearly excited at Organa's interest in joining the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Tambor leads the group on a tour of his highest accomplishments: the Wasteland and his stockades. Antilles takes his cue to leave upon reaching the stockades, and after a brief tour Tambor leads them to the real prize of his city: an incredibly secure prison block, unused but for their most dangerous prisoner, Jedi Master Shaak Ti.

Organa, knowing at last the whereabouts of his goal, throws the box he has been carrying around into the air. Using the Force, Ti ignites the lightsaber within. Fighting their way through droidekas and battle droids, they finally reach the ship, where Antilles safely pilots them off of the planet.

On the Tantive IV, Ti tells Organa that if he ever needs anything he should contact her. Organa agrees, not knowing that he will use this promise in the not too distant future.[source?]


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