"If TIE forces were allowed to operate on their own terms, the Alliance starfighter forces would surely vanish from space.
We do not allow the Empire to operate on its own terms, and so we keep an edge. Read this report and hone that edge.
―Introduction to Bakki Sourthol's report on TIE Fighters[src]

Lieutenant Commander Bakki Sourthol was a Human male pilot and officer for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, flying a X-Wing through the Fakir sector as the Red Leader of Reekeene's Roughnecks. Sourthol sometimes worked along with special operations and intelligence, writing reports on the threats posed by the saboteur Yansan and by the Imperial TIE Series of starfighters. Affable and animated, Sourthol was also good at playing sabacc.


"One of the reasons Intell has asked me to contribute to Yansan's dossier is because of my encounter with him in the Fakir sector: he actually attempted to disable some of our transports while we were still inside!"
―Lieutenant Commander Bakki Sourthol, Alliance to Restore the Republic.[src]

Bakki Sourthol, a Human male, joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic because his father's political beliefs prevented him from entering the Imperial Academy.[1] An experienced pilot, Sourthol commanded an X-Wing Squadron in the Bakchou arm of Fakir sector[1][2] as a member of Reekeene's Roughnecks.[1] His callsign was Red Leader.[1][2] He also became a Lieutenant Commander working for Special Operations.[2]

During his service in the Alliance, Sourthol identified Yansan, a Ho'Din saboteur, trying to disable Rebel transports with several Rebels on board, including Sourthol himself. Yansan was stopped before he could finish the task, but he managed to escape. During this event, Sourthol noticed that Yansan had a limp, preferring the left leg.[2]

On 2 ABY, due to some events on Tharin, Sourthol obtained important information about other threats to the Rebel Alliance. Due to this, he was temporarily relieved from his duties on Fakir so he could report to the Task Force on Alliance Security. Sourthol wrote about Yansan and other threats. During this time, he also worked along with Lieutenants Anson Blazer, Deeve and Tura Raftican, and Special Agent Tay Vanis.[2]

Later, Commander Bakki Sourthol of the Red Squadron wrote a brief report on the TIE Series of starfighters used by the Galactic Empire. Although it was an Intelligence Report, it was not restricted to Intel agents. Sourthol recognized that his report was uncomprehensive, and suggested another, more extensive report by Wedge Antilles to complete the research.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Clear skies!"
―Introduction to Bakki Sourthol's report on TIE Fighters[src]

Sourthol was a friendly, cheerful and fearless man and a mean Sabacc player.[1] He was also an excellent pilot, an observant Intelligence officer[2] and an expert in military technology. He was familiar with the tactics and history of TIE technology. While writing a report on them, he used ancient military proverbs as epigraph to some sections.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Sourthol first appeared in The Long Shot Campaign, a scenario for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, first published in the Star Wars Campaign Pack (1988) and then reprinted along with other material in Classic Campaigns (1994). He was then mentioned in further role-playing supplements, including Alliance Intelligence Reports (1995). In The Long Shot Campaign, his hair is described as "fair" but a graphic depiction of Sourthol by artist Mike Vilardi in Alliance Intelligence Reports shows him with apparent dark hair.

Alliance Intelligence Report: TIE Fighters (published in 1996 in Star Wars Adventure Journal #10) presented as a report written by Sourthol, apparently is a document written in times of the Rebel Alliance. However, Sourthol says that Wedge Antilles' report is available through the Ministry of Education, suggesting that at this point Sourthol's party held control over official institutions, and thus that the report was written in times of the New Republic.



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