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Baktoid Combat Automata was the sister company of Baktoid Armor Workshop, both of which were owned by the Techno Union and contracted with the Trade Federation. Although both companies shared similar origins and boards of directors, the two companies were otherwise totally dissimilar. While Baktoid Armor Workshop was a public company specializing in creating the vehicles and large weapons, Baktoid Combat Automata operated in secret, providing the Trade Federation with illegal droids and smaller blaster weapons for its droid army. Whereas Baktoid Armor Workshop was publicly (and dramatically) dissolved following the Trade Federation's failed blockade of Naboo, Baktoid Combat Automata continued to operate in the service of the Trade Federation and the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Its factories on Geonosis and other worlds cranked out countless battle droids for the Separatists during that conflict. The company was effectively wiped from existence when the Clone Wars ended and the Techno Union was absorbed by the Empire.

By the time of the Legacy era, the company was reformed and became known as Baktoid Industrial Systems; manufacturer of the HV-7 loading droid and LV8-series guard droid (having fled with their research and reorganized).

Behind the scenesEdit

The New Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology claims the company survived into the New Republic era, but The New Essential Guide to Droids says it no longer existed. In Star Wars Galaxies (ca. 1,5 ABY) it is mentioned as being controlled by Imperial forces. The contradiction was explained by Legacy Era Campaign Guide, who stated that the company absorbed by the Empire but after the establishment of Galactic Alliance the company was resurrected as Baktoid Industrial Systems.



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