Bakur Mining Corporation was a Hemei IV-based company that founded a Human settlement on Bakura approximately a century before the Clone Wars. Initially, the company controlled the government of Bakura, and even by the time of the Invasion of Bakura in 4 ABY the titular head-of-government of Bakura was still a descendant of Deredith Arden, the Bakur Mining colony ship's captain.

After Arden's death, the Corporation faced a minor crisis due to the fact that the population was growing and corporate revenue was going down. The Corporation split into factions: one which wanted to diversify and bring in more settlers, one which wanted to turn the planet into a resort, and one which wanted to prospect new mining sites. The latter, which was led by the father of Yeorg and Dol Captison, was victorious.

The Bakur Corporation established a hyperlane that lead toward Bakura.[1] The company's headquarters on Bakura was in the Bakur Memorial Building in Salis D'aar. The company had apparently folded, or at least released control of the government, by the time Yeorg Captison was elected to the Bakuran Senate c. 26 BBY.



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