This article is about the truce made at Bakura. You may be looking for the book which features the formation of the truce.

"For the help you have given us, we will allow you to leave the Bakura system unmolested, and give you a head start back to Endor."
Imperial governor Wilek Nereus[src]

The Bakura Truce, also known as the truce at Bakura, was a temporary cessation of local hostilities between the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance declared in 4 ABY for the duration of the Bakura Incident.

Crafted and signed by Imperial Governor Wilek Nereus and Leia Organa, the truce allowed the Alliance aid fleet and the Bakuran defense force to collaborate against the Ssi-ruuk invasion. However, the truce was broken by Nereus, who ordered the Dominant to turn its guns on the Alliance flagship Flurry.

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