Bakurans were a near-Human species from Bakura located in Wild Space near the isolated edge of the Outer Rim, descended from humans setters, they enhanced and extended their lifespans which enabled them to live far longer then other humans. Due to their relative isolation from the wider the galaxy, they together with the Kurtzen developed a distinct civilization.[1]

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Bakurans were biologically similar to baseline Humans; however, they used internal enhancements and replace their dead or drying organs as well as augment themselves using artificial components, this process allowed them to live much longer then other humans. This consisted of replacing worn-out organs with technological counterparts, or sometimes cloned organs.


Most Bakurans were descended from the Human settlement founded by the Bakur Mining Corporation's Hemei IV-based company approximately a century before the Clone Wars in 150 BBY. Soon afterwards, the Bakurans became independent of corporate control, setting up a Bakuran Senate and electing Prime Ministers. The descendants of Deredith Arden, the leader of the Bakur Mining Corporation's expedition, were the heads of the Bakuran government. The first major crisis in their history was a droid uprising in 97 BBY.[1]

They were used as a base during the Clone Wars by the Confederacy of Independent Systems, but only for a short period of time. However they themselves remained neutral during this conflict,[2] who were more concerned with internal disputes.

By 1 ABY, these disputes left Bakura open to conquest by the Galactic Empire. Though there was a short period of resistance, the Bakurans were subjugated until 4 ABY, when they joined with forces from the Alliance to Restore the Republic to expel both the invading Ssi-Ruuk and the Imperial forces during the Invasion of Bakura.[1]

The Bakurans became supporters of the fledgling New Republic, but reasserted their idependence by 18 ABY. Even then, they supported the New Republic during the Corellian Crisis, sending the Bakuran Defense Fleet to fight on the New Republic's side during the Battle of Centerpoint Station.[3] Though they also fought a renewed Ssi-Ruuk offensive alongside the Galactic Alliance during the battle at Bakura, the Bakurans continued their tradition of independence.[4]


Due to the isolation of their homeworld, Bakurans had little contact with nonhumans other than the Kurtzen, Bakura's indigenous people. This, combined with the invasion of the Ssi-Ruuk, brought out an unfortunate xenophobic streak in many Bakurans, especially towards the most alien-looking nonhumans. Bakurans were also uneasy around droids, as a result of the droid uprising in 97 BBY.

Most Bakurans followed the teachings of the Cosmic Balance, a religion that held that every action in the universe had an equal and opposite reaction elsewhere (for example, if one person's life improved, another's life would have to become worse.) This also led them to be suspicious of the Jedi order, whose power they believed created an imbalance in the universe which required great evil to correct it.

Bakurans were noted for their starship and repulsorcraft innovations. It was repulsorlift factories which initially attracted the Empire to take control of Bakura. Repulsorcraft were so ubiquitous on their homeworld, that even ordinary furniture was replaced by repulsorchairs.



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