The Bakuran Defense Fleet, formed as the Bakuran Defense Militia,[1] was the reconstituted military force of Bakura created after the Invasion of Bakura in 4 ABY. It was not only meant to defend Bakura against a second Ssi-ruuvi attack, but also any exterior governments — the Galactic Empire or the New Republic — that again tried to force its views upon Bakura.

The Fleet itself centered around General Purpose Attack Fighters, Namana-class light cruisers, and Bakura-class destroyers, which were designed and produced by the Bakurans themselves. As of 18 ABY, only four of the latter (Intruder, Watchkeeper, Defender, Sentinel) had been built with Hyperwave inertial momentum sustainer (HIMS). Even though the force had unknown strength, only these four ships were equipped with this experimental technology because of cost and the time consuming process. Until its destruction, the Intruder served as the Fleet's flagship. Dominant, X-wings, and Y-wings also formed part of the fleet.

From the Fleet's formation until his death in 17 ABY, Commander Pter Thanas was the Fleet's commander. From Thanas' death until his own death the next year, Admiral Hortel Ossilege held that position. Later, General Grell Panib was Commander of the Defense Fleet. The Fleet only saw action in three known conflicts: the Battle of Centerpoint Station (where it sustained massive casualties), the Battle of Bakura, and the Yuuzhan Vong War, namely the Defense of Mon Calamari, and the Recapture of Coruscant.



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