Balance of the Force is the second deluxe expansion for Star Wars: The Card Game. It introduces two multiplayer formats to the game and two pre-built challenge decks, Jerjerrod's Task and The Hunt for Skywalker. These decks let one player play against teams of two or three. This expansion also provides objective sets for all six affiliations.

It was released on December 13, 2013.

Card list[edit | edit source]

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416. Watchers in the Wasteland
417. Obi-Wan Kenobi
418. Shistavanen Wolfman
419. Force Cleansing
420. Supporting Fire
421. Blue Squadron Support
422. Blue Leader
423. B-wing
424. Rapid Fire
425. Rendar's Wrath
426. Dash Rendar
427. Arcona Rumor Monger
428. Smuggling Shipment
429. The Emperor's Hand
430. Mara Jade
431. Agent of the Hand
432. Join Me
433. Supporting Fire
434. Repair and Refurbish
435. Thunderflare
436. Logistic Officer
437. Weapons Upgrade
438. Mercenary Support
439. Punishing One
440. Trandoshan Security Team
441. A Price on Their Heads
442. Lemelisk's Ambition
443. Along the Sanctuary Pipeline
444. Heightened Security
445. Jerjerrod's Task
446. Construction Droid
447. Death Star Guards
448. TIE Interceptor
449. Destroyer Defense Fleet
450. Lambda-class Shuttle
451. Darth Vader
452. Moff Jerjerrod
453. Admiral Piett
454. Emperor Palpatine
455. Death Star II
456. Orbital Construction Yard
457. Tactical Command Center
458. Strategic Command Center
459. Endor Shield Generator
460. Signal Jam
461. We Shall Double our Efforts
462. Fleet Ambush
463. Fully Armed
464. Change of Plan
465. The Mines
466. The Final Ship
467. Dagobah Refuge
468. Return to Tatooine
469. Rebel Command
470. The Ruins of Alderaan
471. Front Line Reinforcements
472. Mission at Kothlis
473. The Coruscant Rescue
474. Rebel Sentry
475. Bothan Facilitator
476. Tatooine Sympathizer
477. Rogue Squadron Backup
478. SpecForces Commandos
479. Rebel Ambush Team
480. Red Five
481. R2-D2
482. Decoy Wing
483. "Boushh"
484. Wedge Antilles
485. Luke Skywalker
486. Secret Hideout
487. Command center
488. Entrenched Position
489. Rebel Honor Guard
490. Rigged to Explode
491. The Force Is Strong
492. Run Luke! Run!
493. Premonitions of the Futur
494. Evading Pursuit
495. Change of Plan

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