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"Allow me to introduce Grand Admiral Savit, commander of the Firedrake and the Third Fleet. I don't believe you two have met before."
Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin introduces Savit to Thrawn[src]

Balanhai Savit was a male human who served the Galactic Empire as one of the twelve Grand Admirals in the Imperial Navy. Savit and his family were highly prominent on Imperial Center due to their music programs and political influence. As a Grand Admiral, Savit was the commanding officer of the navy's Third Fleet, which he led from his flagship, the Star Destroyer Firedrake.

Savit was secretly opposed to Project Stardust and the Death Star, and undertook several efforts to undermine its construction. After Savit was exposed by Grand Admiral Thrawn, a skirmish ensued between Thrawn's flagship Chimaera and several vessels of the Third Fleet. Ultimately, Savit was defeated and arrested.


"It appears that Admiral Savit has more information and experience with these creatures than I do. He would be better able to find a solution."
―Grand Admiral Thrawn, on Savit[src]

Balanhai Savit was a male individual who served the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire during its reign of the galaxy, eventually achieving the highly decorated rank of Grand Admiral and becoming the commander of the Third Fleet while using the Firedrake as his flagship. Savit and his family were prominent in Imperial Center due to their music programs, and as such, had a strong cultural position that forced others to be politically aware with Savit.[1]

During the Lothal campaign, Savit hosted a meeting in the Firedrake called upon by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin that also included Grand Admiral Thrawn and Director Orson Callan Krennic to discuss Krennic's Project Stardust and Thrawn's TIE Defender project before a holographic projection of Emperor Palpatine.[1]

Prior to the Emperor joining the meeting, Grand Moff Tarkin introduced Thrawn to Savit, stating that he believed that they hadn't met. Savit confirmed to Tarkin that he hadn't met Thrawn, but welcomed him aboard the Firedrake. Tarkin continued by expressing that Thrawn may have heard of Savit through his family's musical program, to which Thrawn responded that he has and would love to attend one of Savit's performances. Savit voiced that Thrawn would be very welcome. After Tarkin finished introducing everyone to Thrawn, Tarkin contacted Emperor Palpatine so that the meeting could continue.[1]

Once Palpatine greeted everyone and the meeting began, Thrawn stated that Savit was more familiar with the situation and as such could be able to fix the situation. Tarkin expressed that although Savit was more familiar with Project Stardust's supply chain problems caused by grallocs in Governor Haveland's Esaga sector, Thrawn was better suited to combat the problem and Savit had duties elsewhere. After Krennic challenged Thrawn to destroy the Gralloc issue in return for Thrawn's established funds, Savit stated that the situation wasn't fair to Thrawn, although Thrawn accepted nonetheless. At one point, Savit was very curious about Thrawn and had many questions, but instead only asked him where Commander Eli Vanto was.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"But most important of all, no matter how your expertise and ambition grew, you were always there in the midst of it. You conducted, you arranged, and you continued to perform your creations in tandem with your other performers. That combination, that total immersion in your craft, is what has defined you."
―Thrawn, on Balanhai Savit[src]

Savit was aware of his family's status and reflected it in conversations. When Tarkin was contacting the Emperor, Savit remained a calm composure. Although Savit was a Grand Admiral, Tarkin believed that Savit lacked Thrawn's tactical and problem-solving proficiency, and Savit spoke up when he believed a situation was unfair to one party. Savit was also able to lead an entire fleet, the Third Fleet, with a Star Destroyer as his flagship. He also was critical of the Death Star's construction, saying that eventually, someone would find out how to destroy it.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Balanhai Savit first appeared in the 2019 canon novel Thrawn: Treason, written by Timothy Zahn.[1]


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