"No problem. I can handle this. Easy as Balarian pie!"
―Kazuda Xiono — (audio) Listen (file info)[1]

Balarian pie was a type of pie.[1] Around 34 ABY,[2] when the human Kazuda Xiono was tasked with briefly running the Office of Acquisitions[1] aboard the supertanker fuel depot Colossus,[3] he confidently remarked that the job would be as "easy as Balarian pie."[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Balarian pie was first mentioned in a preview for "Dangerous Business,"[4] the fourteenth episode of the first season of the animated television series Star Wars Resistance.[5] The preview was released through the official Star Wars YouTube channel on January 16, 2019,[4] and the full episode aired on January 20, 2019.[5]

"Dangerous Business" was written by Eugene Son, and although the episode does not state the spelling of Balarian pie, the spelling was confirmed in the episode's subtitles.[1] In "Every Time Kaz Falls and Yells in Star Wars Resistance," an installment of the Star Wars By the Numbers web series on StarWarsKids.com, Balarian pie is mistakenly identified as "Volarian pie."[6]



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