Balass ke Teldan was a male Human from the nation of Cartann on the planet Adumar. He was the oldest son and successor of Pekaelic ke Teldan's as Perator of Cartann.

Biography[edit | edit source]

As a failsafe for his safety, Balass was raised by a different family in order to protect him from his father's rivals. It was only due to his father's sudden abdication that was he was summoned where his true identity was revealed.

Upon assuming his new title, he settled a fair agreement with the other Adumari state leaders that led to the formation of the Adumari Union.

During his exile, he went by the name Balass ke Rassa and loved engaging in starfighter combat. When the New Republic sent its diplomats in the form of Red Flight, Balass was said to have developed a strong admiration for Red Flight leader General Wedge Antilles.

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