The Balding Sickness was an ancient persistent Drall disease. It afflicted some young Drall, causing them to lose their fur and sometimes even their lives. As some victim's of the disease resisted bacta treatment, the Drall searched for alternate solutions.

In 1 ABY a Talusian herb was found that showed promise in curing this sickness. Champhra Biahin, the planet Drall's ambassador to Talus, was able to procure a sample of the rare Twin-Scented Natterbloom with the help of the local Dearic Garden Club and a spacer.

Behind the scenesEdit

This disease is mentioned during a quest for the Non-Player Character Champhra Biahin in Sony Online Entertainment's MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies. In this mission, Biahin asks the player to deliver a sample of the Twin-Scented Natterbloom to her and describes the sickness during the conversation with the player.


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