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"This is the original blueprint for a Baleen-class heavy freighter. Those things are monsters."
Norra Wexley[4]

Baleen-class heavy freighter was a bulk freighter model used to move huge amounts of cargo.


Baleen-class freighters were about 400 meters long and were quite clumsy, but were capable of moving large amounts of cargo across the galaxy every day, and consequently, were essential to commerce. Their forward compartment could be opened in transit and used to salvage items found drifting in space, even entire starships. Built in orbital shipyards, ships of the class were designed to never enter a planet's atmosphere, instead they were docked at space stations and transfer yards to load and unload cargo.[2]

The giant ship's front bay could also be used as a docking bay, and was used for cargo that needed to be specifically handled. Everything else was attached to the transport grid between the engines and the bow section. This setup created labyrinth of cargo and goods.[5]


One such freighter was the Eravana, Han Solo and Chewbacca's ship after the loss of the Millennium Falcon.[2] The original blueprint for the Baleen-class was kept at the Corellian Command Base in Coronet City.[4]

In 35 ABY,[6] at least twenty-five Baleen-class heavy freighters were part of a fleet assembled by Lando Calrissian to assist the Resistance during the battle against the Sith Eternal forces over the planet Exegol.[3]


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