"I've tested a lot of CEC ships and more freighters than I can name. I can't say I was expecting any big surprises from the YT-1300. I knew it would have some muscle and assumed it would handle well. But after taking the standard freighter model out for a run and a few spins, I was amazed at the ship's maneuverability, how it handled more like a snubfighter than a light transport."
―Bali Rayden, in the CEC YT-1300 Marketing Catalog[src]

Bali Rayden was a journalist who wrote for the publication Starship and Pilot. Rayden tested many freighters and Corellian Engineering Corporation starships, and after testing CEC's YT-1300 light freighter the writer was surprised by how maneuverable the ship was and how enjoyable it was to fly. CEC later included a quote from Rayden in the CEC YT-1300 Marketing Catalog.

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