Balis-Baurgh was a planet in the Mid Rim's Balis-Baurgh system and the only planet in the system that could sustain life.


This planet had been ravaged by war between its constituent states for centuries. A peace treaty was settled, and as a symbol of their new brotherhood, the superpower nations decided to build a space station. However, Imperial agents sabotaged the space station, and manipulated the leaders of the superpower nations into blaming each other. With Balis-Baurgh on the brink of war, the Empire moved in and took control of the planet.

The space station was converted to a fully-automated prison colony run by 4XB Programmer Droids, heavily armed K5 Enforcer Droids, and L2 Base Labor Droids as well as various astromechs. Here, the Empire located criminals and Rebels alike. Notable Rebel inmates were Junas Turner, Grael the Ewok, Becker, and Lon.



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