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The ball creatures of Duroon were spherical, nocturnal herbivores.

Biology and appearance[]

The skin and muscles of a typical ball creature were extremely flexible. Its muscles allowed forming and extruding limbs, mouths and eye-stalks. This flexibility also allowed the colorful creatures to spring and bounce, which led to them being nicknamed bouncebeasts.


Ball creatures had a high reproductive rate and lived in herds. When they were introduced to other planets, ball creatures would multiply and form new herds which would rove across open areas during migratory periods. Ball creatures had an innate ability to sense danger and as a result were domesticated and used by Duroon's contract slaves-turned-insurgents as guard animals. However, ball creatures were timid beasts and would flee at the first sign of a natural predator or unknown creature. Ball creatures were not too smart and some of their predators used their timidity against them by causing them to stampede over cliffs. Other predators would attack the most brightly-colored ball creature as the rest of the herd fled.


By 11 ABY, the ball creatures were popular pets in the Corporate Sector and also became the mascot for the grav-ball team known as the Bonadan Bouncebeasts.



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