Ballifore Figg sometimes known as "Balli the Horn" was Bith musician who lived during the Galactic Civil War.


Ballifore was an avid Kloo horn player. He toured the galaxy with his band, Hyperspaze and the Jump Lanes, traveling from world to world. He was responsible for the band sound, as he wrote most of the music they played, and even though he made a few attempts at writing the lyrics as well, he was not as comfortable in that position and preferred that the band lead singer Jardra handled that part as he found her to be much better at words than he was.

The talented Bith also managed the band production of its singles, and was highly respected by fellow musicians for his work on the band's albums. Many in fact, requested Ballifore to be the producer of their own records.

Hyperspaze and the Jump Lanes was banned from releasing their music on the Galactic Empire by the Imperial Board of Culture. This harsh measure was brought forward by the release of the album Trench Warfare, which was deemed unworthy by the Imperial censors. This as it often happens however, drove the underground sub-culture to listen to the record on high numbers. On every illicit release of the banned album, it was completely sold out.

One of his most well know tours was trough the Outer Rim Territories, where he and "Hyperspaze and the Jump Lanes" performed at several key Rebel Alliance safe-worlds for the enjoyment of the stationed troops and refugees that made their living there.

He was also counted amongst his many acquaintances, the Bimm bard Vasnish Kay and the Ewok shaman Keoulkeech.

Personality and traitsEdit

Ballifore was quite a talented individual for almost everything music-related, he could write songs, re-arrange them in post production, produce albums and singles, and could play the kloo horn, the synth-harmonica and remarkably, the Kitonak chidinkalu as well. But for all his talent, he was also conscious of other people's struggles and such compassion lead him to devote much of his Outer Rim tour to the service of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, even if this meant that, for security reasons, he never got to know the name of many of the planets in which he performed nor the names of the people that congratulated him after the shows, had to wear blindfolds to be transported to hidden rebel bases, and was forced to adjust his sensitive eyes to the increased set-lights so he could not discern who was in the audience.

All this things did not matter in the end to the musician, as he was content to have found such passionate listeners amongst to resistance fighters. He even managed to overcame his initial doubt at a group as well armed as the Alliance, since pacifism was as important to him as to any Bith. The energy the audience returned to him gave him the inspiration and drive to create such famous hits as "Trench Warfare" and "Alderaan Star Scream".

He often thought that with these people, he had found the sound he had always been looking for.


Ballifore was known to travel heavy while on tour, and always had at least three footlockers filled to the brim with different attires. He also owned a 2AS2 sound reproduction droid which helped him in his production work for his band.


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