"Congratulations! Well rowed, Balliol! And other approbations."
―A member of a googly-eyed species congratulates Balliol[src]

Balliol was an individual who served the Alliance to Restore the Republic aboard a corvette during the Galactic Civil War.


While being chased by an Imperial Star Destroyer, the corvette lost its way and was nearly captured by a Star Destroyer, but both ships were captured by a technologically advanced and extra-galactic alien craft. Balliol and other individuals present aboard the Rebel corvette were rendered unconscious and brought aboard the alien craft by alien droids. There, the aliens celebrated a festival by pitting them against members of the Star Destroyer's crew in a series of competitions. Balliol and the Rebels bested the Imperials, receiving plaudits from the aliens. Shortly before leaving for their own galaxy, the aliens rewarded the Rebels with the Star Destroyer and declared the losers to be slaves of the Rebels.


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