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The Bamula sector was located in the Inner Rim and contained the Chorra and Donadus systems.[1] The former was the origin point of the pirate group known as the Chorran Shipjackers.[2][3] The latter contained the astronomical object Donadus, out of which the Shipjackers operated.[4] Donadus also shared its name with the sentient species Donadi.[5]

Before the ascension to power of Galactic Emperor Palpatine[6] in 19 BBY,[7] the famed military organization known as the Flamestrike Legion defended the Bamula sector from foreign insurrections. Upon the expansion of the Galactic Empire, the Legion was disbanded.[6] At some point between 17 BBY and 0 ABY,[8] the Human bounty hunter Beilert Valance led a group of mercenaries in routing the Donadus-based pirates, a mission that helped Valance attain the status of an elite hunter.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

The Bamula sector was introduced in "The Yard of Opportunity," an article written by Chris Olson and published in West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journal 8 in November 1995.[6]



Notes and references[]

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