"No, please, Lord Vader! I'll forget everything I've heard! I'll forget the name! Here, I've already forgotten all about Skywalker! I haven't even mentioned Skywalker just now! NO!"
―Papeega's last words to Darth Vader before being killed[src]

Ban Papeega was an agent and a mercenary working for Darth Vader on Centares after the Battle of Yavin.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Ban Papeega faces his destiny.

Papeega assisted an interrogation of Thurlow Harris with a torture droid and was able to extract the name of Luke Skywalker, the pilot who destroyed the first Death Star, with a recording. Upon learning the name, Vader set out to kill all who had heard it—including Papeega. He escaped the slaughter and tried to hide somewhere in the Museum of the Old Republic. Imperial stormtroopers finally tracked him down near the museum's aviary. Vader quickly discovered his hiding place. Trapped, Papeega begged for mercy but was killed by the Sith Lord. Afterward, Vader burned down the whole aviary.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Ban Papeega was created by Star Wars artist Dave Gibbons for Vader's Quest 1 of the Vader's Quest series of comics, published in 1999 by Dark Horse Comics. Ban Papeega's species was not specified in the comic book, nor his species' homeworld.

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