Bando Gora Slave

Bando Gora slaves were victims of a mind-altering narcotic manufactured and placed inside of death sticks by Sebolto, the Dug King of Malastare. The narcotic was provided by fallen Jedi Komari Vosa.

Once the death sticks were used by citizens, they would undergo a transformation, becoming hideous with black mottled skin and glowing red or blue eyes. Their strength greatly increased, and they could do tremendous damage even to someone wearing Mandalorian armor. The narcotics also decreased their intelligence, essentially making them into mindless automatons that existed simply to serve Vosa's deranged will.

The slaves were often used as small, private armies in the palaces of those connected to the Bando Gora cult. Sebolto kept a small number of slaves in the lower levels of his death stick factory along with his Dug and Gran bodyguards. Gardulla the Hutt also had a large number of slaves in her palace in Tusken Canyon on Tatooine, although she kept them separate from her other guards by locking them in her hangar. Huge numbers of slaves populated Kohlma, the burial moon of Bogden, where they guarded the lair of Komari Vosa.

The slaves typically wore hooded black robes that hid their faces in shadow, making their glowing eyes the last thing their unfortunate enemies saw.


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