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"You hear of the Bank of Aargau? The Falleen Emerald? The Lady Fate Casino? Look, I don't like the word 'mastermind', but I run a good crew."
―Easy Xiukhan on her achievements[1]

The Bank of Aargau was a bank that was broken into by a crew run by Zabrak criminal Easy Xiukhan.[1] It utilized gigantic bank-courier repulsor trucks.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

The Bank of Aargau was first mentioned in Star Wars Canon by the 2015 game Star Wars: Uprising, where it was mentioned in a quote found in the description for the unique crew member Easy Xiukhan.[1]

The Bank of Aargau was originally created for the 1981 Star Wars Legends comic Star Wars (1977) 48 by Marvel Comics.[3]



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