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"It's the Imperial refueling station on this side of the Mid Rim and an important supply hub that feeds the majority of this sector."
Basso, describing Bannistar Station.[src]

Bannistar Station was a major Imperial refueling station located within the Bannistar Station system in the Mid Rim's Hevvrol sector. In 0 ABY it was under the command of commander Arno D'Vox and it was running at capacity, servicing both Imperial and civilian ships. Its location and importance allowed the Empire to expand further out to remote Imperial stations. Nine months after the Battle of Yavin the Rebels accidentally happened upon the station and sent infiltrators to take out the station. In the resulting battle a large section of the station was destroyed.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Bannistar Station consisted of several fuel tank sections linked together by walkways high above an unidentified planet's surface. The command section was located on top of one of the fuel tanks. Refineries were located on the surface. The station serviced both Imperial and civilian ships.

History[edit | edit source]

Nine months after the Battle of Yavin Bannistar Station was running at capacity and serviced 48 Star Destroyers, a Nebulon-B frigate and several civilian ships. After the battle between the Imperial and Rebel fleets the damaged Rebel One randomly jumped through hyperspace and ended up at Bannistar Station when its hyperdrive failed. Although the Rebels happened upon Bannistar Station by chance they quickly devised a plan to destroy it. When the Imperials became aware of the Rebel flagship present in orbit they sent a Nebulon-B frigate to inspect it. When it came close, however, the Rebel One overloaded its engines and exploded. A few Rebels had left the ship just before and, using jetpacks, made their way down to the station.

Bannistar Station's commander, D'Vox, saw through the plan and had the Rebels quickly rounded up and transported to his command section. Only two Rebels eluded capture, Deena Shan and Basso. While the Imperials interrogated the captured Rebels, the two others continued their sabotage mission. Basso captured a Imperial shuttle and Deena shut off the fire retardant systems. Not long after Rishyk, the station's head of security, found Deena behind a console. Instead of capturing her, however, he tried to torture and kill her. But Deena struggled and spat in his face. In anger, Rishyk threw her through a glass screen. When he tried to continue his torture Deena used one of the glass shards and stabbed him in the leg. Using one of the detonators from her bag she took out Rishyk's accompanying stormtroopers and fled the room.

Bannistar Station in flames.

Meanwhile, commander D'Vox had informed Emperor Palpatine of the capture of two other Rebels, Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. He was unaware, however, that Able was preparing an escape attempt. On the walkways high above a refueling Star Destroyer Rishyk caught up with Deena Shan again. But instead of giving up, Deena threw her last detonator down the fuel lines. Trying to escape the upcoming explosion both Rishyk and Deena tried to get away, but Rishyk slipped of the walkway and barely managed to hang on. When Deena attempted to help him, however, he tried to pull her down. Deena struggled free and kicked him off the walkway.

The exploding Star Destroyer took out an entire section of Bannistar Station. In the following confusion Able set his escape plan in motion and took out the stormtroopers in the command section. The Star Destroyers in orbit all quickly tried to move away from the explosion, but in doing so several Star Destroyers crashed into each other and fell down to the planet. Back in the command section, while Able and Leia argued whether to leave D'Vox alive or not, the desperate Imperial tried to shoot at them. But Luke Skywalker intervened and cut off both of D'Vox's hands with his lightsaber. Using Basso's captured shuttle they found Deena, hanging onto a tube above the Star Destroyer she had taken out. Even though the Rebels were still surrounded by many Star Destroyers they managed to flee back to the Rebel fleet with the help of Dagger Squadron, which cleared some TIE starfighters and gave the rebels enough time to jump into hyperspace and return to Home One. The station's commander swore to take revenge on Luke Skywalker for the loss of his hands.

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