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Banshees were a non-sentient species of flying predators native to the shadow world of Umbara. They were distinguished by their crab-like claws and their bioluminescent green eyes, as well as other patches of bioluminescence on their bodies.


Umbara flying creature

A pair of banshees in flight

The banshees were a relatively large, winged predator native to Umbara, distinguished by their almost crustacean-like appearance and patches of bright green bioluminescence on various parts of their bodies. They were strong, easily able to lift a fully-armored clone soldier into the air,[1] but were easily killed, as seen when one was impaled by the force of an ascension gun cable.[2]


During the Clone Wars, when the Grand Army of the Republic staged their assault on the shadow planet of Umbara, the clone troopers of the 501st Legion came across several groups of these scavengers. One particular encounter was when the Legion was en route to the Umbaran capital city and were attacked by a pair of these creatures-- one of which knocked ARC-5555 to his feet and another carried away a trooper in its claws. Both banshees were killed by General Pong Krell, although the clones would encounter the creatures several times afterward as they attempted to claim the soldiers for food or feed on the corpses of the Umbaran militia and clones themselves.



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