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Banta Four

A Banta Four spacecraft

A Banta Four was a silver-colored single-pilot starfighter with room for at least one passenger, used by the Knights of the Sith. It had a small cockpit and large engines, which could kick up dust when warming up. A hatch was set into the side, and the power could be controlled remotely.

A Banta Four traveled over to the Fourth Moon of Utapau, soaring over the atmosphere. Annikin Starkiller, the eldest son of the Starkiller family, a family of Jedi-Bendu exiles in hiding from the Knights of the Sith, had witnessed its arrival while on patrol and warned his father, Kane Starkiller, and younger brother, Deak Starkiller of its arrival. Upon explaining that only one arrived, Kane figured they won't need to fix their transport.

After Kane killed a Sith, he and his surviving son, Annikin, took their opponent's Banta Four to the Aquilae system.

Behind the scenesEdit

As part of the bevy of name changes introduced in the first draft, Banta Fours were renamed "Cao" Fours.

The Banta Four, with the addition of an h, became Bantha, an entirely different type of transport. Banthas first appeared (as creatures) in a brief aside in the second draft.

"Banta" was also the designation of a Rebel flight group that attacked the Death Star in the second draft.



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