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The Bantha-II cargo skiff, also known as simply as the Bantha class skiff or desert skiff, was a model of skiff manufactured by Ubrikkian Industries.


Anti-Vehicle Skiff-SW Commander

A modified Bantha-II

Measuring 9.5 meters in length, the Bantha-II cargo skiff[3] was a fast-moving[5] model of repulsorlift skiff.[1] Despite being lightly armored,[5] they were extremely durable making them an austere choice for desert climes and perfect transports for passengers, cargo, or slaves.[3] Featuring an elongated deck,[1] Bantha-IIs were little more than floating platforms and were easily identified by their rust coloring, reinforced bows[3] build to withstand head-on collisions,[1] and intermittent[3] safety railings designed to protect passengers or cargo[1] around the perimeter.[3] They were operated from a rear control station designed for a single pilot and could exceed 250 kilometers per hour at their maximum speed.[1] Bantha-IIs also came equipped with planks.[3]


Manufactured by Ubrikkian Industries,[1] the Bantha-II cargo skiff was common outside the Galactic Republic, and later the Galactic Empire, and were used by the Hutt Clan and the Zygerrian Slave Empire.[3] The Hutt crime lord Jabba Desilijic Tiure used a number of the rugged skiffs equipped to survive the heat and sandstorms of the Tatooine deserts.[1]

Han rescues Lando

Han Solo saves Landonis Balthazar Calrissian from falling into the sarlacc.

During the Galactic Civil War, the Alliance to Restore the Republic outfitted Bantha-IIs with weapons specifically designed to defeat more heavily armed Imperial vehicles.[5]

A pair of Bantha-IIs were used by Jabba when he attempted to execute Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker and his companions at the Great Pit of Carkoon. However, the prisoners managed to kill Jabba and used one of the skiffs to escape.[6]


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