The Bantha Graveyard on Roon was the site of countless bantha skeletons. It was here that "Old Ogger" Baobab lived for sixty years, hoarding Roonstones until his great nephew, Mungo Baobab arrived in the company of C-3PO and R2-D2.

Similar to other planets, the closely-knit family units of the bantha result in unique social behavior. On Roon, aging members of a herd slowly make their way to the site of the graveyard, where they lay down to die amongst the remnants of their ancestors. It was here, among the skeletons, that horrific creatures were rumored to exist, preying upon the dying banthas and any travelers brave - or foolish - enough to set out across the wind-swept plains.

Notably, the Bantha Graveyard was not only the resting place of these deceased beasts, but also the site of numerous downed ships, from starfighters to freighters. Scientists have theorized that this has something to do with the interference of Roon's event horizon with navigational systems, and late in the Galactic Civil War, the area above the graveyard was designated a no-fly zone.

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