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Bantha Tracks was a location in the marketplace of Black Spire Outpost on the planet Batuu, specifically at Merchant Row. Blue milk was available there for purchase, with the milk being sold to the location beforehand from the Saka Homestead located just on the outskirts of the outpost.

Behind the scenesEdit


Trading card mentioning Bantha Tracks

This location was first mentioned on a promotional trading card for Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge park area released during the Galactic Nights event on December 16, 2017. The Saka Homestead map card states blue milk can be found at Bantha Tracks in the marketplace (presumably Merchant Row).[1] Another card, called "BLUE MILK DELIVERED FRESH FROM THE FARM", depicted a male human delivering containers of blue milk to a market stand.[2]

Though the card suggested a connection between Saka Homestead and the blue milk at Bantha Tracks, later information about Galaxy's Edge revealed a blue milk stand simply named "Milk Stand," and that stand's menu featured a Bubo Wamba Family Farms souvenir container.[3] It is unknown if these all represent different locations or a change in the naming of the stand and farm before the park's opening.

Bantha Tracks is also the name of a well known Star Wars fan newsletter.


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