Bantha Tracks #29 was the twenty-ninth issue of Bantha Tracks.


  • "Ewoks & Droids TV Series": Miki Herman interview, by Jok Church and Maureen Garrett, pages 1–4, 6.[1]
  • Advertisement for "Special Collector's Items," page 5.
  • "Two New Droids From Lucasfilm: EditDroid & SoundDroid," by Jok Church, pages 7, 9.[1]
  • "Miki Herman," mini biography, page 8.[1]
  • "ILM Book: 'The Art of Special Effects,' coming in 1986," page 8.[1]
  • "Who Makes It?," list of Star Wars merchandise manufactures, page 8.[1]
  • "Trivia," by James de V. Mansfield, page 8.[1]
  • "Art Gallery," various drawings and photographs of fans, page 10.[1]
  • "Editorial," about the Fan Club 1985 Renewal Kit, page 11.[1]
  • "Special Services," information on writing the Fan Club, and cast of films, page 11.[1]
  • "Customer Service," membership information, page 11.[1]
  • "Force Numbers," an explanation of the person's member number, page 11.[1]
  • "Staff"[1] (for this issue)
    • Editor: Maureen Garett
    • Feature Witer: Jok Church
    • Art Director: Christopher Werner
    • Designer: Terry McGarth
    • Production Coordinator: Jane Mutony
    • Photo Department: Kathy Wippert, Barb Lakin
    • Special Thanks: Carol Ann Owings, Jim Alves
  • Advertisement for more "Special Collector's Items" products, and recipient's address label, page 12.

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