Bar'injar was a male Sanyassan member of The Crucible—a slaver organization active prior to and during the Mandalorian Wars. He held the rank of Magister Protector and, as such, was responsible for handling any threats to the organization. His name was reflective of his title in Crucible's language.


Bar'injar would convince Chantique to spare the life of Dace Golliard after his failure to capture Jarael and Zayne Carrick, and began organizing a hunt for the two personally.[1] Later, on Volgax, he forced the captured Carrick to fight against a Caamasi named Snout, following Chantique's plan to break the former Padawan in order to get revenge upon Jarael. He was eventually killed on Osadia by Demagol during his attack on the Crucible.

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