"Bar-Kooda may be a hardhearted, low-down, evil spawn of a viper, but I ain't so cruel as I'd deny an old shipmate his last request!"

Bar-Kooda was a male Herglic who terrorized the likes of Orko the Foultrader as a pirate. The younger brother of Ry-Kooda, the Herglic was captain of the starship Bloodstar and a ragtag crew of a thousand crewmen. Bar-Kooda developed a reputation both as someone notoriously difficult to kill, and a captor who elected to devour those within his custody—as a result a bounty of AurebeshSans-Serif credit100,000 was placed on the Herglic's head.

In 10 ABY, Bar-Kooda was reunited with a captive who he had previously failed to consume: the magician Wim Magwit. Eager to kill Magwit, who had escaped sometime prior, Bar-Kooda demanded a final magic show from his captive. During the demonstration, Bar-Kooda was deceived by Magwit and delivered into the custody of bounty hunter Boba Fett. The Herglic was summarily killed and shared the same fate as his victims, becoming a meal for Orko the Foultrader, his daughter Anachro and future son-in-law, Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo.


Early LifeEdit

"I believe Orko has suffered heavy losses recently. Three of his ships have been laid waste by the pirate, Bar-Kooda."
Ding, Gorga Desilijic Aarpo's majordomo[src]

The male Herglic Captain Bar-Kooda was a pirate who boasted a thousand compatriots at his command, and a reputation for eating his victims.[3][4] He had one older brother, Ry-Kooda, a feral being who resided on Rutal IV.[5] Bar-Kooda's ship, the Bloodstar, was well-equipped enough to hold its own against an Imperial battlecruiser. The Herglic and his men once attacked a starliner, and seized a group of entertainers for their own amusement. Bar-Kooda had his captives perform one-by-one, killing them as they failed to please him. One chanteuse performed a particularly affecting and sad song—the pirate's response was to shoot the singer, and have her prepared to be eaten for supper. The next performer was the magician Wim Magwit, who sufficiently entertained the Herglic and his men with a display involving a mystifying hoop that could seemingly make objects disappear and reappear at will. Fascinated, the pirate demanded to know the secret, but Magwit refused to reveal his secrets, prompting Bar-Kooda to enter a fit of rage.[3]

In spite of the intimidation, Magwit continued to withhold his secret, knowing that Bar-Kooda would kill him as soon as he knew. The magician eventually came to believe that the Herglic even liked him in a roundabout way. Bar-Kooda kept Magwit aboard the Bloodstar for four years as he and his crew perpetrated all manner of what the magician considered to be unspeakable acts. Magwit ultimately escaped in due course,[3] prompting the pirate captain to take out a bounty on the fugitive's head. In 10 ABY, he hired notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett to track down Magwit.[1] Around the same time, Bar-Kooda took to harassing the ships of the H'uun Orko the Foultrader, and managed to destroy three such craft. Bar-Kooda by that point had a bounty of AurebeshSans-Serif credit100,000 on his head alone. One day, one of the Herglic's scout ships detected an escape pod drifting in a nearby quadrant, not far from the Bloodstar's location. As the pod was retrieved, it was discovered that none other than Magwit was aboard.[3]

Encounter with Boba FettEdit

"You're dead meat, Boba Fett!"
"Many have tried…none have succeeded!
―Bar-Kooda and Boba Fett[src]

Magwit had apparently felt threatened with his life aboard the last ship on which he had served, and he had decided to abandon those crewmates in search of something better. Bar-Kooda had other ideas however, and was prepared to kill Magwit there and then. The magician was eager to be granted death, and so the Herglic demanded that he perform one last magic show, and reveal the secret of the mystifying hoop. Magwit was allowed to bring some of the equipment he had stashed in his escape pod on board in order to set up the show. Bar-Kooda was impressed by Magwit's opening tricks, but demanded that the magician move onto the mystifying hoop exhibition. Magwit unveiled the hoop, throwing cards through it, causing them to disappear as a result.[3]


Bar-Kooda is pulled through the mystifying hoop by Boba Fett.

The magician then invited the Herglic to discover the secrets of the mystifying hoop for himself, by passing through it. Bar-Kooda suspected duplicity on Magwit's part, but was curious nonetheless, gingerly putting his hand through as a means of testing the device. Satisfied that he was still intact, the Herglic then queried what would transpire should he put his head through the hoop. Magwit advised against it, which irritated the pirate. Suspecting that he would discover something that Magwit did not want him to see, Bar-Kooda plunged his head through the hoop, only to discover that the magician's warnings were well-founded—on the other side was the Boba Fett, there to collect the bounty on the pirate's head.[3] The hunter seized the Herglic by the arm and hurled him through the mystifying hoop, which was in fact a short-range matter transmitter and had transported Bar-Kooda to another part of the Bloodstar where he and his attacker were alone. Fett requested that Bar-Kooda come quietly, but the Herglic was incredulous, claiming that the bounty hunter would not make it off the ship alive. The bounty hunter responded by blasting the pirate in the chest, knocking the Herglic back with force, but the pirate was not finished, responding in kind with a volley of darts that failed to penetrate Fett's Mandalorian armor. The Herglic resorted to other methods, drawing the axe he had slung at his back, but Fett was able to render him unconscious with a flamethrower blast.[3]

The bounty hunter then escaped the Bloodstar with Bar-Kooda's unconscious form and Magwit in tow, aboard Magwit's escape pod, killing much of the Herglic's crew in the process. Bar-Kooda started to come to aboard the escape pod, but was later killed. Fett had been hired by the Hutt Gorga Desilijic Aarrpo for AurebeshSans-Serif credit200,000 credit to remove the threat of Bar-Kooda and the Bloodstar as a gift to Orko the Foultrader, whose daughter Anachro the Hutt hoped to marry. Bar-Kooda's body was cooked and served as a main course to Gorga, Orko, and Anachro.[3] Ry-Kooda, upon learning of his brother's death, bayed for Fett's blood, and absorbed much of Bar-Kooda's surviving gang thanks to the machinations of the Lizling Boz. At first, Ry-Kooda sought to exact vengeance on Fett, but failed to kill the bounty hunter.[5] Recovering from the ordeal, Ry-Kooda instead murdered Orko, and attempted to kill both Gorga and Anachro, but was ultimately slain by Fett.[6]

Personality and traitsEdit

"It's a sad song an' no mistake, boys! It brings tears to old Bar-Kooda's eyes!"

A notably resilient individual, it was understood by the likes of Gorga the Hutt that Bar-Kooda could not be stopped by any regular thug, to such a degree that he resorted to hiring the notorious bounty hunter Boba Fett. Labeled a monster by the likes of Wim Magwit, Bar-Kooda would torment his captives, forcing them to perform for him in some manner before summarily executing and/or devouring them.[3] Vicious in temperament,[2] the Herglic saw himself as an evil and cruel figure, but had certain morals and values, such as the belief that a former crewmate should be granted a final request. Although Bar-Kooda was planning to kill Wim Magwit after his final magic show, the pirate would not tolerate any mocking insolence from his crewmen towards the magician, striking one individual in particular as punishment for a disparaging remark. Bar-Kooda was also a sensitive Herglic, allowing himself to be emotionally affected by somber tunes, although he could not tolerate such an experience for a protracted period of time. Bar-Kooda would salivate at the mere mention of food. Bar-Kooda had a mottled chin and crown and wore dark fatigues.[3]


Bar-Kooda possessed a wrist-mounted blaster, and an axe that he would wear slung parallel with his spine. Bar-Kooda also had his own cruiser, the Bloodstar.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

The character of Bar-Kooda first appeared in John Wagner's 1996 comic Boba Fett: Bounty on Bar-Kooda. The stylized art by Cam Kennedy uses a limited color palette, making it difficult to determine the character's true skin color and other elements of his features. Bar-Kooda was later identified as a member of the Herglic species in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.



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