This article is about the lightsaber crystal. You may be looking for Barab ore, the ore which Barab ingots came from.

Barab Ingots (also called Barab ore ingots) were rare lightsaber crystals found on the planet Barab I, found inside the ore littering the planet's radiation-baked surface.[1] Though the radiation on the surface made it difficult to find these crystals, a few managed to locate Barab ingots suitable for use as focusing crystals.[1] When used in a lightsaber, the ingots produced a clear blade that burned almost to the point of losing its cohesion.[2]

Properties[edit | edit source]

The constant infusion of radiation from Barab I's surface caused a Barab ingot to produce a blade that burned like fire, even causing the target of the blade to catch fire.[1] The color of a Barab ingot blade varied, with ingots of every common blade color having been found.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

In "Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures", the Barab bar has nothing to do with lightsabers and instead is crafting material that can be used to craft various things. It also appears to be a rectangle instead of a crystal.

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