The Barabel War was a dispute that nearly erupted into open battle, but was resolved by a legendary Jedi named Noga-ta before fighting began.


Centuries before the rise of the Galactic Empire, the largely unknown world of Barab I became rife with dispute amongst the native sentient species, the Barabels. Two large factions had become embroiled in an argument over hunting territory, and their angry words were bordering on open combat, threatening to engulf their neighboring tribes and possibly the entire planet.

Into this fray stepped the Jedi Knight Noga-ta—in some versions of the legend, Noga-ta was accompanied by a team of Jedi as well—who sought to end the conflict before fighting began. Noga-ta managed to give a fair judgment on the matter by listening to both sides and finding a way for both sides to come out as equals. As a result of the Jedi's efforts, the Barabel never fought over hunting grounds again, and indeed shared all territories between their numerous tribes. A tribe's largest kill of any given night had to be given to a neighboring tribe, thereby building a tighter community as well as gaining prestige for the victorious tribe while also rewarding the lesser of hunters.

Jedi were forever revered by the Barabel, and any judgment passed by a Jedi was thought, in their minds, to be the final word on any matter. Though open combat thankfully never began, the dispute was referred to by later generations as the "Barabel War".


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