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A bomb made from baradium

Baradium was a synthetic chemical compound that was among the most dangerous and volatile explosive materials in the galaxy. When detonated, it expelled intense heat and irradiated particles, but it was rarely used in field detonations due to its capricious nature. Instead, the compound was often used in charges, and it was most commonly found in Class-A thermal detonators[1] and C-25 fragmentation grenades.[2] The compound had at least two variants, baradium bisulfate and the stronger and more lethal baradium-357. Both were used to mine thorilide on the planet Gorse and, later, on the planet's moon, Cynda.[3] During a battle at the Nadiri Dockyards, baradium missiles were used by Titan Squadron to inflict devastating damage to the prototype Starhawk-class battleship that was present.[4]



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