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Baradium-core code key thermal detonators were special thermal detonators in use by the Galactic Republic's clone army[source?] and later used by the Galactic Empire's special ops troopers, such as stormtroopers and the dark troopers.[2] The model had adjustable time settings, ranging from six to eighteen seconds and a small range of five meters. They had activated only with the right code tapped into it; therefore, Rebels couldn't use captured explosives against them. Also, the buttons were unlabeled, which ensured that even if a Rebel discovered the code, they couldn't figure out which buttons to press in order to activate the detonator.[1] Owing to this, stormtroopers needed to employ pattern memorization.[3]

When using the detonator, section 32.B.ST57 in the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps Field Manual mandated that the stormtrooper remove their thermal detonator from equipment clip on their lower back, then inspect the detonator for any signs of damage as well as confirm the integrity of the baradium core. They were also given strict instructions to not use it if they were in possession of a potentially unstable detonator. The stormtrooper should then estimate the target range, input the time delay and then input the activation code. Then, while standing half-facing the target, the stormtrooper was to make a lobbed, overhead throw and in the direction of the target, before promptly taking cover from the detonator blast. The stormtrooper then immediately followed up with concentrated blaster fire against the target position.[3]

According to the Imperial Handbook: A Commander's Guide, maintaining the weapons included a regular inspection for imperfections in the outer casing as well as full replacement of any damaged units, and that it could be modified to include magnetic and adhesive outer sleeves. In addition, the Rebel general Carlist Rieekan mentioned in his commentary that sometimes captured stormtroopers would trigger the detonator to avoid detainment and interrogation, although he also speculated that they may do so as a means for them to score one final kill.[3]

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