Baradium bisulfate, known by miners by the sardonic nickname "Baby", was a compound of baradium that was highly combustible. It was used as an explosive in the mines on Cynda, the moon of Gorse, in order to free the resource thorilide. Due to its nature, it was only used by the gram during demolitions.[1]

Moonglow Polychemical was a company that transported baradium bisulfate from Gorse to Cynda via a fleet of freighters. Many freighters met disaster during transport to which the company did not name them. The pilots of these "Baby Carriers" were operated by "suicide fliers", another egregious name given by those in the field.[1]

One freighter, Moonglow-72, flying ahead of the Star Destroyer Ultimatum was piloted by Kanan Jarrus. It was hailed by the Ultimatum's Captain Rae Sloane and was under threat of annihilation, until Jarrus informed the captain that destroying his craft would destroy every other transport in the area. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Sloane let the freighter go.[1]

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