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"No one ever gets to fire the baradium missiles."
Han Solo[src]

A baradium missile was a type of missile used by the Galactic Alliance Guard and other factions. One of their first recorded uses was in 27 ABY, during the Mission to Myrkr, where a baradium missile was fired into the hangar of Baanu Rass. In 40 ABY, Lumiya used a fusion cutter on a baradium missile in the missile hold of the Anakin Solo. In 44 ABY, Baradium missiles were used during the Battle over Exodo II by the forces of Moff Drikl Lecersen to destroy the Star Destroyer Gilad Pellaeon and the moon Boreleo. These missiles had a triggering mechanism that used a deuterium-based proton charge, which on its own was capable of producing a blast comparable to some thermal detonators.[1]

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