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The Bardottan Royal Palace was both the political and religious seat of power on the planet Bardotta, a remote world in the Colonies region of the galaxy.


Constructed circa 1000 BBY atop a towering stone spire, the Royal Palace of Bardotta was a massive complex or living quarters, meditation chambers, and administrative board rooms. The base of the spire contained a massive Frangawl Temple deep within the caves under the spire. Originally constructed using local timber hauled up the mountain in a show of strength by the Dagoyan Order, the interior chambers were carved into several stories of the rock of the host spire. Undergoing many expansions led by different monarchs, the Palace was reached from the ground only by undertaking the arduous climb up the rock face of the spire, mirroring the spiritual journey of the Dagoyan tradition. To accommodate offworld dignitaries and representatives, the palace carved a landing pad into the top of the rock spire.[2]

The heart of the Palace contained the meeting chamber of the Bahk-tov Council, which was circular in shape and consisted of a central audience platform and ringed by an elevated seating area. The seats of the councilors ringed the seating area, while the throne of Bardotta's monarch was situated at the head of the chamber.[1]



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