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Barion Raner was a human male who was a Rebel pilot who used the callsign Blue Four during the Galactic Civil War.


As the Battle of Scarif began, Raner was assigned, as a member of Blue Squadron, to help on the surface of Scarif. While most members of the squadron made it past the defenses into the atmosphere, Raner was cut off from the rest of the squadron when the Empire reactivated its orbital gate, resulting in the deaths of two of his fellow pilots, one of them being Vangos Grek. Raner survived by pulling up at the last second, and continued to support the fight with two other members of Blue Squadron who had also been cut off. During the battle he managed to land the shots needed to destroy a shield generator on one Star Destroyer, opening it up to a barrage of ion torpedoes from Jon Vander and his pilots, disabling the vessel. The crippled warship would later be used to destroy the shield gate, securing the Death Star plans for the Rebel Alliance.[2]

Raner wrote a combat basics manual on flying T-65 X-wing starfighters that was used by new Rebel pilots. It included a section that included several maneuvers for starfighter combat, including the Split S, which was used to disengage from a fight.[3] The manual was later intentionally leaked on the HoloNet by Alliance Intelligence.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Raner helmet

Raner's Flight helmet.

Raner was portrayed by Ariyon Bakare in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.[2]



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