"Oh, you are just a bunch of Bark Lovers!"
―Unidentified Human colonist[src]

The Bark Lovers' Alliance, also known as the barklovers, was an environmental group that operated on the planet Cularin during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.


The Alliance was one of the oldest environmental groups on Cularin, and both the native Tarasin species and various immigrant species were represented within it. The Alliance got its name when a Human colonist dismissed ecological concerns that were raised at a meeting by describing those who raised the concerns as "bark lovers." A Tarasin that was present at the meeting couldn't see why the term was considered an insult, so gave the name to the newly formed environmental organization.[1]

The Alliance had an office inside a warehouse in the city of Gadrin.[1]

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This is a play on the term "tree-hugger."


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