"The pilot trainer that I know there is Lt. Barn Sinkko. He is part of the Imperial Inquisition, which requires a lot from their pilots."
Trehla Keelo, to a spacer[src]

Lieutenant Barn Sinkko was a male Human recruiter for the Imperial Navy and trainer for the Inquisitorius's starship forces in 1 ABY. He usually resided in Kaadara on Naboo.


"By the powers vested in me by the Imperial Naval Command, under the ever watchful eye of the Emperor, I hereby conscript you to service with the non-officer rank of Pilot Initiate. May you serve the Empire dutifully. Welcome to the Imperial Navy."
―Barn Sinkko[src]

Barn Sinkko

Sinkko was present at the Battle of Talus. He left his Imperial headquarters on Naboo to make a brief stop on Talus. Coincidentally, just as he arrived, the Rebel forces were launching a counterattack on Imperial forces. The Imperial forces were forced to retreat after an unsuccessful assault on the Talus Rebel base, and were now being relentlessly retaliated against by the Rebellion. Sinkko's insights and immediate grasp of the situation were impressive. At the first sound of alarm, he immediately jumped into the fray of the battle and began organizing the defenses. Thanks to Sinkko's support, the Imperials put up a strong defense, forcing the Rebels to retreat.[1]



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