Barnab Chistor was a Human male who served as the governor of Gadrin in the decades leading up to the Clone Wars and the formation of the Galactic Empire.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Born and raised on Alderaan, he wanted to be an explorer when he finished his education. Denied admission to the first university of his choice, he ended up attending a lesser school, where he took politics as a secondary course of study. He excelled at those political courses, but failed those scientific courses associated with exploring, so he chose to begin a career of public service. He thought that the recently discovered Cularin system might offer him the chance to follow both fields.[1]

Shortly after coming to Gadrin, Chistor talked his way onto a scout vessel leaving on an expedition to Uffel. He discovered that exploring was too much like work, and was not comfortable. He returned to Gadrin and entered politics full time, maneuvering into the governor's position.[1]

He became a good governor, having in mind the needs of his subjects and learning about local matters such as the native Tarasins. He enjoyed his job, and attempted to keep his constituents as uninterested in politics as possible, which in Gadrin was easy. A real election had not been held in over thirty years by the time of the Trade Wars.[1]

Possibly due to his Alderaanian upbringing, Chistor was very interested in galactic high culture. He spent public funding on bringing in concerts, operas, dance recitals, and holotheatres, even though the rest of Gadrin did not seem that interested, and rival city Hedrett, equipped with a spaceport, had a quicker access to cultural novelties. He tried to keep in shape, though his easy life did put some weight onto him. He kept his hair short, and his blue eyes had been described as "piercing."[1]

In 31 BBY, Chistor called for a celebration in Gadrin after the Metatheran Cartel forces of Velin Wir were defeated by the Cularin resistance, and Wir's illegal activities exposed. Chistor granted medals to the leaders of the resistance, as well as to a group of heroes who had assisted them. The Cartel declared that Velin Wir had been a rogue, and that they were looking for more corrupt agents in their staff to uproot them.[2] Later, they sent Thurm Loogg as a new envoy, asking for permission to reestablish offices on Cularin's surface.[3]

Chistor left the matter up to a vote of the people attending the celebration, but when that vote came up a tie, Chistor decided to refuse the Cartel's request.[3] This refusal probably applied only to Gadrin, but Hedrett was likely to follow his lead. As these were the only settlements allowed on the planet's surface by the Cularin Compact, it kept the Cartel off the surface, though they probably could have turned to one of the platform cities.

In about 20 BBY,[4] Governor Chistor traveled to the Almas Academy, to take part in a private ceremony of gratitude towards the heroes who defeated slaver Phylus Mon.[5]

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