Barnaba was a warm, mountainous planet in Barnaba Province. It was an important exporter of agricultural produces in the Tapani sector.


Barnaba had three main continents and numerous large islands. Most of its land was covered by tall, jagged mountains, with the remainder consisting of plains and valleys. Coupled with the planet's moist atmosphere and warm climate, these areas were fertile and supported agricultural plots. Due to the highly moist atmosphere, the mountain peaks were typically enshrouded in cloud cover.[2]

Barnaba was the capital of House Barnaba and had a more defined class system than other planets of the Tapani sector. Nobles constructed castles on the mountains, affluent commoners resided on the slopes, and the plains and valleys were populated by indentured servants.[2][3]

Barnaba had no large cities. Instead, the population was spread among thousands of agricultural plantations which consisted of living areas, work areas, and support services for workers. The only exceptions were the planet's three starports, one located on each continent. The areas around them had grown with cantinas, hotels, and restaurants.[2]

The plantations of Barnaba produced far more than was needed for the planet's own population. Excess agricultural produces were exported throughout the Tapani sector, mostly to Soterios.[2]



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