The Barons Hed Lagoon was an artificial body of water located in the city of Barons Hed, which was on the moon Sulon. The lagoon was in the middle of a plaza, and was fed by a waterfall. The Barons Hed Lagoon was a large stone pool, and contained no vegetation or life outside of several drugons. Although it was located right next to an artificial river that flowed out of the city, it was not connected to it, being separated by a wall. Around the edges of the lagoon were a number of residences, a tavern, and the House of Max. A bridge connected the side those buildings were on to the other side of the lagoon, which contained the entrance to an expansive bazaar.[2]

During the year 5 ABY,[1] the novice Jedi Kyle Katarn battled through bounty hunters who were occupying Barons Hed while searching for a way into the Government House, a large building that acted as the headquarters for the local affiliates of the Galactic Empire. Katarn killed the bounty hunters surrounding the lagoon, but made sure to avoid falling into the drugon infested waters.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

"The Trouble with Drugons. Well, basically, they bite. So we suggest you stay out of the Barons Hed Lagoon."
―Rick Barba[src]

The Barons Hed Lagoon first appeared in the video game Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II as a location featured during the game's fifth level. Unnamed in the game, the lagoon was named in the game's strategy guide. The guide's author, Rick Barba, suggested that players stay away from the lagoon due to the drugons that populated it. This article assumes that the player followed the guide's suggestions, by killing the surrounding bounty hunters and staying away from the drugons.



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