"He is the foremost expert in his field: our late companion Major Glidamir once commented that if Barosa were left to die in the wastes of Tatooine, in no time he would build himself a castle of seaweed. He is not to be underestimated: to do so will undoubtedly cost you your life."
―Major Sisquoc on Warren[src]

Barosa Warren was a lawman, an expert survivalist, and chancellor of the Galactic Outdoor Survival School, with a personal vendetta against those former students of his who had joined the Rebel Alliance. A long-lived Morellian, he was believed to be the last surviving member of his species.


Barosa Warren was born on Morellia, a member of a long-lived Near-Human species known as Morellians. Born around 160 years before the Galactic Civil War, he was still active in 2 ABY. During his youth, Warren served in the Morellian Enforcers, a police-like corps using limited technology such as the Morellian Weapons Conglomerate .48-caliber Enforcer pistol. He also used the traditional Morellian Enforcer uniform, including leather boots, blackstrap gloves and a long oilcoat made of leather.

Afterward, Warren joined the Galactic Republic as a scout. He was known for reclaiming dangerous worlds such as Buamlon Central, Frewwil, Theal, and Dra III—where he was attacked and injured by a nashtah. This attack caused permanent scar on his right arm. During this time, he became a well-known galaxy-wide authority in hostile terrain survival.

By 57 BBY, Warren was still quite young for a Morellian. However, he announced his retirement as a scout, wanting to fulfill his greatest dream. He talked with some friends trying to get financial backing, and lost their friendship while doing so, but he bought a planet in the Ollonir Boundaries. The planet, OM813 (renamed Thrantin) was then planetscaped to create a training camp for his survival school. Warren thus created Zero-G areas, an Ammonia Ocean and the Heavy Grav Mountainous Zones. While Warren admitted he should take students to different worlds to teach them, he also believed in having a "controlled environment" to ensure that none of his students could cheat.

In some forty years, Warren had created the Galactic Outdoor Survival School, an unofficial organization training survivalists to thrive in environments hostile to their own species. Warren himself became the chancellor, dean and master instructor of the School, though he also employed a specialized staff. Many of the staff were extremely loyal to Warren personally, especially Stren Grier and Casti Tholon, who was also Warren's assistant, favorite, and personal friend. He also obtained several dozens of ships he used at school, including at least seven modified Mu-class shuttles and his personal vehicle, the Cannibal. The Galactic Outdoor Survival School, or G.O.S.S., had since become a leading center. Many of the alumni became corporate, independent, or politically-aligned Imperial or Rebel scouts; others had become instructors at the GOSS or at their own centers.

Warren also had multiple children, all of them half-Morellian, half-Human (which led to belief that Warren was the last Morellian). His known children included Alton Lochner, Danlea Lochner (both of whom changed their surname due to not being on good terms with their father), Roland Warren and Tole Warren.

Around 17 BBY, the Summit Class became the greatest class ever in the GOSS, managing to set a record in the final trek used as an exam. Warren respected the results and the performance of the Summits. Seven years later, the Twilight Class broke the Summits' record in more than one day. Warren took the mine survivalist of the Twilights, Larq Thur, and offered him a job as instructor at GOSS; another of the Twilights, Kiras Torla, was a close friend of Warren and his staff when she finished the studies.

However, eleven of the twelve Twilights joined the Rebel Alliance after that. Warren, who held nothing but contempt for the Rebellion, considered them since his personal enemies. Some of the students believed that Warren had even sent mercenaries and bounty hunters after them. Torla, formerly a friend for Warren, was so scared of him that she disappeared from known space.

Twilight veterans and Rebel officers Sisquoc, Ma'w'shiye and Derembus Sitnalta wrote extensive reports on Warren to warn other Rebels of the danger posed by him.

Behind the scenes[]

The guide Alliance Intelligence Reports provides some trouble with Barosa Warren's age. He is said to be in his 110s when he began with the GOSS project, and four decades passed until he opened it (in his 150s). He was in his 160s around 2 ABY ("current age" during the reports' writing). Thus, the GOSS had been open for one decade, since 8 BBY. However, the Twilight Class graduated at GOSS 12 years before the "current events", thus 10 BBY, and they broke a 7-year-old record by the Summit Class—which leads the GOSS being open at least around 17 BBY.

The only birthdate that fits all the above facts is 167 BBY. It allows him to be exactly 110 when he begins work on the GOSS in 57 BBY, technically "in his 110s." "Four decades later," he would be 150 in 17 BBY, with time for Summit class to set their record later that year. Twilight class breaks it 7 years later in 10 BBY, twelve years prior to "present events" in 2 ABY when Warren would be 169, still "in his 160s."


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