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"The micro-grenade launcher is a devastating weapon, but make sure that you replace the magnetic rings that propel the explosive. During a firefight on Maro Della, the rings—which had degraded after repeated use—failed and jammed a grenade in the barrel. I only had a couple of seconds to toss the gun before the grenade detonated."
―Hyannis, Gundark's Gear Datalog[src]

The LD-1 target blaster rifle had a long barrel

A barrel was the exit tube of a pistol, rifle, or cannon for the weapon's projectile or blaster bolt.

Certain rifles had long barrels, such as the Czerka Adventurer and the LD-1 target blaster rifle. Some long-barreled weapons were known as longblasters. Some weapons had two barrels, such as the double-barreled blaster carbine and the Duo blaster carbine.



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