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During the Clone Wars, Barriss Offee carried this blue-bladed lightsaber as her personal weapon.[1] She wielded it on many battlefronts, most notably during the Second Battle of Geonosis[3] and the Skirmish aboard TB-73 where she killed clone trooper Trap by igniting it through his stomach to prevent him from infecting her with Brain worms.[4]

Barriss continued to carry her blue lightsaber until her fall to the dark side of the Force in 19 BBY, where she bombed the Jedi Temple and framed her close friend Ahsoka Tano for the deed. When Ahsoka's master, Anakin Skywalker, deduced her involvement he went to her quarters in the Temple and confronted her, 'casually' picking up her lightsaber and examining it whilst asking questions before igniting it and lunging at her with her own weapon.

This caused Barriss to instinctively summon Asajj Ventress's lightsabers to her hand to defend herself, exposing herself as a traitor. Anakin then proceeded to duel her using her saber alongside his own throughout the Temple, the fight carrying on outside to a ledge above the training grounds where Barriss knocked Skywalker down towards the ground before leaping down to attack him, knocking her former Jedi lightsaber from his grasp.

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