Barseg was a planet located in the Tion Cluster of the Outer Rim Territories, along the Perlemian Trade Route.


An ancient world that ruled a small space empire long before the foundation of the Kingdom of Cron on Cadinth, prior to 25,150 BBY. Barseg was the capital world of one of the oldest Tion Cluster states: the Kingdom of Barseg. Barseg later allied with the Kingdoms of Cadinth and Jaminere, creating the Three Allied Kingdoms. Pirate King Xer VIII waged a campaign against the kingdoms between 25,150 BBY and 25,130 BBY, defeating the Kingdom of Barseg at the Battle of Barseg. Barseg and the Three Allied Kingdoms worlds were conquered and absorbed into Xer's Empire, and later into Xim's Empire until its collapse in 25,100 BBY. After the Tionese War, Barseg and the entire Tion Cluster were absorbed in the Galactic Republic, the Kingdom of Barseg surviving.[2]

Barseg enslaved the neighboring world Lorrad for millennia, forcing the Lorradians to live in miserable conditions. The planet was freed when the Republic subjugated Barseg around 300 BBY, but the planet maintained its economic domination over Lorrad.[2] The Kingdom of Barseg long included Lianna. The Lianna providences of Caldara and Berene led the last great independence war on Lianna against Barseg, which resulted in the annihilation of both provinces. The plight of Lianna was ignored by the Galactic Senate until the Senate itself took control of Lianna from Barseg in 300 BBY.

In the Republic's final years, the Tion Cluster worlds joined the CIS, and were later subjugated by the Galactic Empire that created the Allied Tion sector. The Barsegi were known for their arrogance and pride in their ancient imperial past. The planet was known for its incredibly rigid caste system, and even by the time of the Empire, many on the grim tradeworld performed the same duties their distant ancestors did.[2]


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